Samstag, 1. September 2012


It’s Showtime

Good news for our English speaking friends

There are many regular listeners of our programs “It’s Showtime”, a
narrated program as of the first of the month and “Latschari Music
Hall” with instrumental, easy-listening music as of the 15th of ever
month. Especially listeners of “It’s Showtime” are puzzled by the
narration in “Schwyzerdütsch”, a Swiss German dialect spoken on the
Swiss side of Lake Constance and the Rhine River region.

On “It’s Showtime” as of September 1, Max Wirz will narrate his program
of “More Hits of bygone days!” both in German and English. This is a
pilot project, and if the response is favourable, we’ll follow up in the same
manner in future issues. So, tune in and if you like what you hear, tell
your friends and neighbours, and let us have your opinion by E-Mail to

NEU: IT's SHOW TIME *** Das September-Programm ist online (Schwerpunkt: Ernie Felice, Akkodeonist USA) (von Max Wirz) 01.09.2012